Being More Thankful (And A Printable!)

Hi all!

This wasn’t originally a planned post, but I was so excited that I couldn’t wait!

My husband and I have been talking a lot about how we aren’t always thankful for what we have. We both wished that we were better able to show our faith through our daily living. We sat for the longest time yesterday, both of us trying to come up with three things (other than family, job, and house) that we were thankful for. Eventually we did, but it made us both realize that we have lost sight of all the blessings we have around us.

So I made a little worksheet for us to fill out each morning! It’s my first printable, and it is FREE for my readers!

However, I ask that if you share it you link it back to this page or my Etsy shop (which just opened!).


You can put three things you are thankful for each morning, so that you start your day off realizing what a blessing your life is. In addition, there is a place to put how you will serve God that day. My most recent way was to have patience with my children, and my husband’s was to be an example to his coworkers by not laughing at crude/wrong jokes. Just simple things, but it is the little things that character is built from.

To use, right-click the picture and select “Save Picture”, then go to the saved file to print.

Right now, I have several printed out and in my planner binder, and we just take one out each morning. But for the sake of conserving ink and paper, I will probably put it into a page protector so we can use dry erase markers and reuse the page.

Soon, I will use a version of this printable with my three-year-old E in home school. She’s still in preschool, so for her I am going to set it up so she can draw pictures instead of writing. I think it is important to teach children thankfulness from a young age. Look for the child-friendly printable in my shop and in an upcoming post that I’ve been working hard on!

Happy reflecting!

What’s your favorite time of day to reflect? Answer in the comments below!