Easy Any-One-Can-Do-It Homemade (Healthy!) Pizza

Easy Homemade Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza?

But it gets expensive. And, with all the grease and who-knows-what in it, it really isn’t all that healthy.

But wait!

What if there was a healthier, family friendly, EASY way to make it at home?

There is!

I’ve tried out many recipes for a partial whole wheat pizza dough, but they were all too dense, too thin, or too blah. After some experimenting with mixing other recipes together, I created the BEST crust ever. It rises just the right amount, freezes well, and tastes delicious.

For the dough you’ll need:

  • 2 cups whole wheat flour*
  • 1.5 cups white flour
  • 1.5 teaspoons salt
  • 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning (McCormick Perfect Pinch Italian seasoning works well)
  • 1.5 cups warm water
  • 2 1/4 teaspoons active dry yeast (1 package)
  • 1.5 teaspoons sugar
*I use Hodgson’s Mill Whole Wheat flour because it is the only one that I have been able to find without any additives, preservatives, or enrichments.


The first step is to put the warm water in a small bowl. Stir in the sugar until it dissolves, then sprinkle the yeast on top of the water and set it aside.


Next, measure the flour into a large bowl. You’re welcome to experiment on the ratios of the flour, but I’ve found that the measurements I use create a great crust. Add in the salt next. I don’t really measure this; I eyeball it. But for those of you less cooking-skilled (you know who you are) I guesstimated a close measurement of 1.5 teaspoons. Add in the seasoning at this point as well.

Add Salt

Mix the dry ingredients all together. Stir the yeast into the sugar/water mixture, then pour into the dry ingredients and mix. It will start to get thick and chunky. thick dough

You can knead it in the bowl for a while to further mix everything together, then dump it on a lightly floured counter to finish kneading it. You may have to add more water if it is crumbly, but do so one tablespoon at a time. The dough will become smoother as you knead it, and should end up slightly tacky/sticky.

Before putting the dough back in the large bowl, grease the sides with some olive oil. There will probably be little crumblies on the side from when you first added the water to the dry ingredients. You can rinse these out before greasing the bowl, or be lazy like me and not worry about them. When you put the dough back in, roll it around a little to completely cover it in the oil. This prevents it from sticking to the sides as it rises. You’ll only need about a tablespoon or so. Cover it with cling wrap and let rise in a warm place for about 60 minutes.

Cover and rise

A cloth of some sort works, but I’ve noticed that the dough rises quicker and more when I use cling wrap to cover it. I  use press n’ seal instead of cling wrap, though, because it sticks to anything you want it to, and isn’t as difficult to work with as cling wrap is (I got mine with a coupon and after Christmas sale, and only paid $1 a box).

After it’s done rising (I only wait about 45 minutes. I’m impatient),  knead it slightly and then re-cover it and let rise another 10-15 minutes. Roll it out to about 1/4 inch thick, and make a circle for  a pizza, or roll and cut out circles to make mini pizzas, or whatever you want with it really. It’s very versatile. Then let it rise for about 5 minutes, while your oven preheats to 350 degrees.

If you are making a normal pizza, bake it for 4 minutes, add sauce and toppings (for my sauce I use Classico pizza sauce), then bake another 4-6 minutes. This crust doesn’t turn golden brown, you just kind of have to guess. If you cut it down the center, and it doesn’t seem done, it probably isn’t.

If you are wanting to freeze it for later use, bake it for about 4 minutes, add sauce and toppings, then wrap in cling wrap and freeze. When you are ready to eat it, cook at 350 degrees for 5 minutes, then check it every 2-3 minutes until it is done (usually takes about 7 minutes for mine). I like to make a double batch, and then use half of it to cut mini pizzas out to freeze for quick lunches.

The result?


Delicious, cheesy goodness (that’s also healthier!).


As an added plus, the ingredients for the crust, jar of sauce, and amount of cheese used add up to about $5 for a large pizza! Wahoo!

Happy eating!

What’s your favorite topping on pizza? Answer in the comments below!

Blasphemous Me


This is one of my favorite days of the year! Two years ago today, my oh-so-romantic husband proposed to me. He has truly been a blessing and I can’t thank him enough for all the things he has done, and still does, for me.

We’ve been married for a bit over a year and a half now, and neither of us could be happier. He is my best friend, and I’m sure if you asked him, he’d probably say the same thing about me.

I often see other couples and how apart they seem. In movies, and in real life, the husband is always portrayed as wanting a break from his “nagging” wife and wanting to hang out with the guys, and the wife is always busy with the kids, or work, or whatever else and just “doesn’t have time” for her husband. This is such a heartbreaking portrayal of marriage.

In our marriage, I make it a point to put my husband first. Not just above me, but also above my children. Some may see this as blasphemous, but I think that this is important for marital happiness. Why?

I want my children raised in a home where they see that their parents love and respect each other. By putting him first I show him that he is important to me. He does the same for me. This shows our children how a loving, respectful marriage works. If instead they saw my husband going out with his friends every night and me leaving all the time to hang out with friends, they would get the message that we don’t view our spouse as important. If my children see me turning away from my husband to take care of them, they get the message that he is not important, or that they are the most important in the house (neither of which I want them to think). It is vital to put him first to create a healthy, happy household. In addition, seeing the give and take in our relationship, they will learn that in ALL relationships that there should be a give and take.

I also see putting my husband first as putting my children first. By putting my husband first, it unites us in raising our children. Our children are often called “respectful”, “polite”, and “well-behaved”. When two parents are working together, demonstrating what respect is, children learn from that. You are their role model, and they watch you to see how they should act.

On this Valentine’s day, I’ll be doing what I do everyday: putting my husband first.

Happy Valentine’s day!

Are you doing something special for your spouse today? Answer in the comments below!

The Stockpile: A Housewife’s Dream

Remember when I told you about the easy way I coupon? Here’s why I do it:


Do you do laundry? Because if you do, then you use laundry detergent. In the picture above, there are nine bottles of Purex. At Wal-Mart, they are $2.98 a piece (Walgreens is over $5).

Do you know how much I paid for 9?


Yes, you read that correctly. I paid less for 9 bottles with couponing than I would have paid for one. (The relish was free, I paid $4 for all the deodorant).

But the part I’m trying to get across here, is that I now have about 300 loads worth of detergent that I got for less than a 33 load bottle costs. I won’t have to run out to the store to grab some because I’m running low. And really, that’s the best part about couponing. Always having that security of knowing that you have what you need.


A lot of people look at stockpiling as crazy. (“My family of 3 would never use 40 bottles of detergent! Why would I buy that many?!”) Guess what? Detergent doesn’t go bad. Neither do free toothbrushes, floss, or razors. And unless you are a very smelly, unhygienic cave man, I can bet that you’ll eventually use up all of those. So if you buy 40 bottles now, you’ll pretty well be set for a long while. And it’s much nicer to pay $20 and get it in a large quantity than to spend $120 to buy the same amount one bottle at a time.

While some hygiene products will eventually be not as good, it takes a long time for them to get there, and even longer when they aren’t opened yet.

And it isn’t just cleaning products and personal care. You can stockpile anything. Canned goods, cling wrap, you name it, you can coupon and stockpile it.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that even if you don’t think you’ll use all of an item, if it is free or dirt cheap you can always get it and donate it to a local church or shelter to help others in need.


I wouldn’t call myself an extreme couponer, by any means. I’m just a housewife that wants to provide for my family. Since I don’t make an income, the best I can do is to spend less money and get more for my dollar.

And while couponing what you need right now will save you money, it doesn’t give you any security.

If my husband were to lose his job tomorrow, or get his hours cut back, I wouldn’t have to worry about how we were going to afford shampoo, or razors, or detergent. We have it. We can spend that money on more important things, like food or bills, because we already have everything else we need.

It’s really all about having security. (Plus it’s pretty cool to have your own mini mart).

Happy stockpiling!

Do you stockpile? Answer in the comments below!

How I Conquered the Laundry and Became Pile Sober


I love doing laundry.


I mean it. I love doing it. I love putting it in the washer, transferring it to the dryer, and throwing it on the bed in a warm, clean-smelling mound. Unfortunately, that’s where my enjoyment ends. Folding it? Pfft. And completely forget about putting it away. It’s not that it is difficult, but for some reason I just have a huge mental block to completely finishing the task. A lot of the time, my husband and I have found ourselves digging in a huge pile for a towel, a pair of underwear, or a shirt. If we’re lucky, we are able to find one at the bottom, wrinkled almost beyond recognition. It had just become habit to let it all stack up.

It was driving me nuts. It was driving my husband nuts. It was pure pile-jumping-in ecstasy for my kids. It had to change.

But how?

To be perfectly honest, I’m dying for an organization system like this, but that’s not going to happen any time soon. So, I figured out a different way.

I dived right in, getting ALL the laundry done in one day. Every last sock was clean. And, against my nature and through sheer force of will, I managed to get everything folded, put away, and hung up.


With a clean slate, I created a mastermind plan. I have a small round laundry basket. This officially became the dirty clothes basket (though giving it an official name doesn’t prevent my husband from throwing his dirty clothes one foot away from it). When the dirty clothes reach the rim of the basket, I do a load of laundry. As soon as it is done drying, I sort it into kids’ clothes, shirts, pants, towels, etc. Then, I fold each category individually and put it away.

But here’s the key: I don’t start another load until the first one is completely finished. So if I don’t hang the shirts up from the first load, I don’t start a second load yet. If the towels are folded but still sitting on my bed, I don’t start a second load yet. This helps prevent the pile monster from wreaking havoc on our bedroom floor.

The best part? It relieves me of a huge amount of stress. I’d like to say I’ve been laundry pile sober for a few weeks now. And I don’t plan on turning back.

Happy washing!

How do you stay pile sober? Answer in the comments below!

In the Beginning…

Hello there!
If you haven’t already done so, go to my About Me! page to learn who I am.

Now, down to business. I have a passion for being a housewife. I want to do the best I can in taking care of my family and myself while spending the least amount of money possible. I believe that you can have a healthy lifestyle, money in your pocket, and family bliss. Some people may see this as a far stretch, but with a little creativity and drive it is easily within your grasp.


Over the past few years being married and having children, I have learned so many ways to save money. I coupon. I cook at home. I don’t buy things we don’t need. I have found ways to cut back our electricity bill, our internet bill, and our grocery bill. I want to share this knowledge with you!

While saving money, I’m still able to feed my family healthy, nutritious dinners. My oldest is 3 and I am doing preschool here at home with her. I plan to continue to home school her all the way to graduation. I do my best to keep my house clean and organized so it is a relaxing place for my husband to come home to. I run. I stay healthy and fit. I teach my children to move their bodies and be active. I can help you do all these too (if you want (: ).

I want you to be involved too! If you have any questions, comments, critiques, suggestions, or compliments head on over to my Contact Me page! I’ll do my best to respond to every message I see. You can also post comments on posts. Feel free to share anything from my blog, but please give credit and link it back to me!

Happy reading!