I Ran My First 5k and Won!

Yesterday I ran my first 5k, and won! Well, at least in my eyes. There were 149 runners that showed up, and I placed 87th with a time of 31 minutes (31:39:88, to be exact, with an average pace of 9:52 a mile). But the fact that I went and finished gives me a great sense of accomplishment.


There were some crazy fast people there! The first place winner clocked in at a mere 17:08! I can’t imagine running so fast!

There was a murderous, steep mountain hill (aptly named “Falls Hill”) that almost everyone walked up, including me. Most of the course was flat or small hills after that. This race also gave me a new record for my 1 mile time: 5:37 (I’m in disbelief).

There are a few things I’d wish I’d known before going in that would have really calmed my nerves.

1. You pin your bib to the front of your shirt, anywhere. This may seem like common sense to most, but I’d never run nor watched a race before and I thought maybe there was a specific spot on your shirt you had to pin it. Turns out, as long as it is visible you can pin it on your face for all they care.

2. You don’t start being timed until you cross the start line. So even though thirty people got a “head start” on you, you could actually run the same amount of time as them on the course. I found this out because a girl who was way ahead of me crossing the starting line ran just a few seconds shorter than me. If I had known this beforehand, I would have had a lot less stress during the race.

3. Bring your own post race snacks! I had been told there would be snacks and drinks provided. Turns out that was half a banana, a quarter of a half of a bagel (they broke the two sides apart and then cut them into quarters, making 8 pieces), and cheap, off brand bottled water (which gives me major headaches, and was also very warm). I was shocked by how little they provided! I understand that it is hard for them to provide for so many people, but even a whole banana would have been nice. But for the future, I know to bring my post-race food.

4. Crossing the finish line is addicting. After we got home, I immediately got online and began searching for more races.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, and one that I highly wish to repeat. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to convince someone to run one with me (nudge, nudge sister-in-Florida).

Happy Racing!

Have you ever run a race? Answer in the comments below!