5k’s and Heart Attacks

I’ve been running since last November. I have pushed myself, ran when it’s 10º outside, and cross trained like nobody’s business.

I decided that it was time to move forward.


I entered my first race. (So I wouldn’t have to sell my left arm, some dear family members chipped in on the entry fee. Thank you!)


It’s just a 5k, a distance I can now run easily (at the moderate pace of a 10 minute mile), but I am nervous out the wazoo. I don’t expect to place, and I will be thankful just for crossing the finish line (not to say I don’t hope I get a 30 minute or less time anyway!).

It’s on  Sunday, February 23rd,  and the weather is supposed to be in the mid-thirties with wind and possibly freezing rain, conditions my sister-in-law that lives in Florida would have a heart attack at the thought of running in.


Here’s to hoping I don’t have a heart attack myself.

Happy running!

Have you raced before? What was your first race like? Answer in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “5k’s and Heart Attacks

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  2. Yah on your first 5K event … you WILL LOVE IT. Doing event runs (and bike events) are what totally keep me motivated to do more running. It’s exciting
    I just started running in a couple of months ago … I can now do a 5K…about 10min/mile too .. but not easily. My wife and I have since done 2 5K’s … and have now signed up for more.
    Soooo …. good luck on your first event…and you are going to have fun! (Even if the weather is blechy … it will add to the story.)

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