Couponing…Without the Craziness.

I coupon.

A lot.

I get stuff for free or for 50 cents or less.

A lot.

I don’t have a coupon binder. I don’t even have last week’s newspaper coupon inserts anymore. I spend maybe an hour a week on couponing, and since I do it with our normal grocery shopping, I don’t spend any extra time shopping. (well, maybe 5 minutes.)

I know, I know. I hear you. “But…how do you coupon without being organized, and saving the paper coupons, and..and…”

There’s a lot of hype anymore about “extreme” couponing because of the show on TLC. Let me give a little tip on this show…they bend the rules! See, that stuff that happens at the register? Where they reached the line limit? STORES CANNOT GO PAST THAT. But somehow, that show manages to let them. And when they buy 20 of something in one transaction? Most coupons state “Limit 4 per transaction”, so they’d have to split their items into 5 separate transactions to use those coupons BUT THEY DON’T. While I’m not saying that the show is completely wrong, I am saying that’s not what couponing is really like.

It’s really simple, though, to coupon effectively. Want to know my super easy method? Yes, of course you do.

1. I head on over to

Here I find my store:
Find Store

Then I scroll through the list of deals, looking for ones that I know my family will use. Most of them have a link you can click on to print a coupon. Some have paper coupons listed as well, but unless they are the current week’s coupons, I don’t use them. The only time I save these is if it is a product I know we use frequently (such as Clear shampoo) and that  I know I will probably use regardless of whether there is a sale.

Here’s a sample of what the deal’s list looks like:
Deal's List

Once I click on the link, it directs me to where I can print the coupon. You can print up to 2 coupons PER COMPUTER unless otherwise stated.. I have two, and print 4 coupons. This works well since most coupons limit you to 4 in a transaction anyway.


I organize the coupons by store in a small expanding file, about 4″ by 8″ or 9″, that I bought from Target’s One Spot for $1. It’s got 7 different pockets; I use the very back pocket to put receipts in. The pocket in front is for gift cards, register rewards from Walgreens, and so on. The pockets in the middle are labeled with stores: Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and Price Cutter’s. The remaining pocket is for whatever I need it for (usually a shopping list and pen). I put a post-it note in with the coupons if I need to use a mobile coupon or save a receipt for Ibotta.

Then I go shopping! I don’t write how much each item is supposed to cost or figure that up. Usually it’s pretty close to what Krazy Coupon says it is going to be, so I don’t worry about it too much. I check out (paying close attention to number of items and coupons scanned) and go home!

Then, out of curiosity, I add up retail price from the receipts, and what I actually paid after coupons, to find out how much I saved! I usually save 60-80%, with an average of about 65%. That’s quite a bit of money still in my pocket, while I have name brand products to use! See, easy peesy.

Since my husband is the only one that works, it’s vital that we save every penny we can. Couponing is one way for me to do that. And, using this method, it is absolutely zero hassle.

Coming soon: The Stockpile: A Housewife’s Dream.

Happy couponing!

How do you save your family money? Answer in the comments below!


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